Sun - Wed 3pm - 11pm. Thur - Sat 11am-12pm
1280 N College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47404.

Makin' and Bakin' Since 1963'

Where is Swing In Pizza located?

Swing In Pizza’s location is in the Bloomington, Indiana where it was established and has been thriving since 1963. Just off the corner of 17th Street and College Avenue, right between Square Donuts and Jackson County Bank and across the street from Circle K gas station.

“Swing In” and grab something to eat and enjoy it at “Millers Shower Park” just around the corner if you don’t feel like eating inside.

>We know it can be a struggle when you’re craving pizza and breadsticks or stromboli's so we've made it easy with a visual map, a “Call Us” button, and a “Directions” button that will conveniently pop the info up on your phone screen.